OfferTargeting::getActiveUsesOfRule Method

Returns all active offers and cashflow groups (if enabled) that reference a specific TargetRule.

These dependencies are affected whenever a TargetRule is modified.
In order to remove a TargetRule there must not be any active offers or any cashflow rules referencing it.

NetworkId UrlNetwork ID
NetworkToken StringNetwork token
Target StringThis calls action target
Method StringThis calls action method
rule_id IntegerThe

GET Response Notes

Returns an associative array with two indexes: offers, cashflow_groups, each of which
contains objects with 'id' and 'name' representing all the active offers and cashflow groups
that reference the specified targeting rule.
If this brand does not have the enable_cashflow_groups preference enabled, only returns
the offers count.

Return response will be in the following format: array[].

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