Employee Model

An Employee of the Network.

accessArray An array of permissions that the Employee has. This array contains a value "Brand" that grants base Employee permissions. Other possible permissions are: "Brand.stats" (Ability to view stats, graphs and reports), "Brand.billing" (Ability to view and maintain billing information), "Brand.offer_management" (Ability to edit offer information), "Brand.affiliate_management" (Ability to manage affiliate accounts), "Brand.lead_management" (Ability to manage the conversions for an account/offer), "Brand.global_management" (Ability to use permissions across all accounts and not just specifically accounts the Employee directly manages), "Brand.brand_management" (Ability to manage brand preferences and customization), "Brand.virtual_user" (Ability to virtual user as an affiliate), "Brand.file_management" (Ability to manage offer files), "Brand.offer_monitor_management" (Ability to manage offer monitors), "Brand.alert_management" (Ability to manage alerts), "Brand.dne_management" (Ability to manage DNE lists), "Brand.employee_management" (ability to add,edit,delete employees), "Brand.advertiser_management" (Ability to manage advertiser accounts).
aimNullable String The Employee's chat alias
billing_userBoolean Whether or not the Employee can access and modify the Network's HasOffers billing details
cell_phoneNullable String The Employee's cell phone
emailString The Employee's email address
first_nameNullable String The Employee's first name
idIntegerA unique, auto-generated ID for the Employee
This parameter is non-writable
join_dateDatetimeThe date the Employee was created
last_loginNullable DatetimeThe last time the Employee logged into the application
last_nameNullable String The Employee's last name
modifiedDatetimeThe last time the Employee account was updated
passwordString The Employee's password
password_confirmationString Provided on creation and must match the provided "password" field
permissionsIntegerThe Employee's permissions stored as a bitmask. See the "access" field for readable permission names. This should not be set or updated directly; instead, the Employee::grantAccess and Employee::removeAccess API functions should be used to grant to, and revoke permissions from, Employees.
phoneNullable String The Employee's phone number
photoString A URL pointing to an image of the Employee's photograph
statusString The Employee statusShow Supported Values
titleNullable String The Employee's title
wants_alertsBoolean DEPRECATED. This field should be ignored.
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