TinyUrl Model

An alternate tracking link format where the URL is shortened and the Affiliate's tracking information is hidden.

actionStringDescribes the type of event this Tiny URL is used forShow Supported Values
affiliate_idIntegerID of Affiliate object whose Tiny URL this is
hashStringThis is the shortened string that is used as the relative portion of the Tiny URL, e.g. "SHZO", in place of any querystring parameters identifying offer, affiliate, etc.
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for this Tiny URL
This parameter is non-writable
offer_idIntegerID of Offer object to which this Tiny URL points
redirectStringThis is the absolute path/location the Tiny URL redirects to, e.g. "/aff_c?offer_id=1&aff_id=2". This must start with a leading "/".
short_urlStringAn internal, unique string that is part of the "hash"
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