AffiliateBilling::generateInvoices Method

Generates affiliate invoices for all affiliates.

Invoices are generated based on process date and the invoice frequency for each affiliate. If the network has a minimum invoice payment amount set, then an invoice is only created if it meets this amount. If Generate invoices by advertiser is disabled, this method generates invoices based on each currency used (if multiple currencies is enabled). If enabled, this method generates invoices based on currencies the advertiser is using.

NetworkId UrlNetwork ID
NetworkToken StringNetwork token
Target StringThis calls action target
Method StringThis calls action method
dateStringProcess date or end date; use "YYYY-MM-DD" format
ignore_preferenceStringIgnore auto_generate_invoices preferenceShow Supported Values
advertiser_idsArrayIDs of Advertiser object

POST Response Notes

Returns boolean true on successful completion

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