OfferDisabledLink Model

Blocks traffic from a specific affiliate for an offer. For more information, see:

aff_info1StringBlock traffic for the aff_sub1 having this value
aff_info2StringBlock traffic for the aff_sub2 having this value
aff_info3StringBlock traffic for the aff_sub3 having this value
aff_info4StringBlock traffic for the aff_sub4 having this value
aff_info5StringBlock traffic for the aff_sub5 having this value
affiliate_idIntegerThe ID of the Affiliate whose traffic to block
created_byStringEntity that created the block. Defaults to the string "null".Show Supported Values
This parameter is non-writable
datetimeDatetimeThe date this Offer Disabled Link was created
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for this Offer Disabled Link
This parameter is non-writable
offer_idIntegerThe ID of the Offer whose traffic to block for this Affiliate
sourceNullable StringBlock traffic for the source parameter having this value
strictBooleanIf enabled, then a link containing parameters and attributes that exactly match your blocking rule, will be disabled. When in strict mode, if the tracking link comes in different in any way, such as an additional parameter or slightly different sub ID, it will not be blocked.
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