Goal::getTierRevenues Method

Returns the Affiliate Tier Revenues and their associated Affiliate Tier
for the specified Goal ID.

Returns an associative array indexed by Tier.id, ordered by Tier.id
ascending, with value being an associative array containing two hashes:

If the Goal does not have tiered revenues enabled, returns NULL.

Sample return:

  3: {
       "AffiliateTier": {
         "id": "3",
         "name": "Individual",
         "status": "active",
         "level": "5",
         "is_default": "0"
       "AffiliateTierRevenue": {
         "offer_id": "522",
         "affiliate_tier_id": "3",
         "revenue": "2.00",
         "percent_revenue": null,
         "modified": "0000-00-00 00:00:00",
         "id": "63",
         "goal_id": null
NetworkId UrlNetwork ID
NetworkToken String Network token
Target String This calls action target
Method String This calls action method
id IntegerID of Goal object

GET Response Notes

List of Affiliate Tier and Affiliate Tier Revenue.

Return response will be in the following format: array.

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