Setting Up API Authentication

To start using the Network API, you need to generate an API key and whitelist the IP addresses you'll make calls from.

Note: If you're a developer without direct access to the platform, you'll need a network administrator to perform these steps for you, and provide you with the information needed to make API calls.

First: A Word of Caution

Your API key gives software access to your entire network, including the ability to add and change offers, add and disable users, change user passwords, retrieve reporting data, and everything else you can do with your network. Take care to provide your API key only to systems and developers you trust.

Generating Your API Key

To get to the API management page, login to your HasOffers platform, then go to Support > API. From there, you may see the following banner: "You do not have an active API Key. Create one now". Click on Create one now to generate your API key. (If you have already generated an API key, you won't see that banner.)

Once you have your API key generated, this page shows you three key pieces of information: Network ID, API Key (sometimes called a "network token"), and API Domain.

Those are required on each API call to authenticate access to your account. See the Making API Calls article for anl example.

Regenerating Your API Key

If you need to generate a replacement API key for any reason (such as your API key being leaked or a developer with access to it is terminated), contact our customer support.

Whitelisting IP Addresses

To help prevent unauthorized access, only IP addresses in your API's whitelist can make API calls to your network. Whitelisting is necessary to run applications on servers or make calls on your own computer.

From the API management page (Support > API), go down to "White-list IP Address". Type in the IP address you want to allow access from, then click Add. If adding multiple IP addresses, add one at a time. Our system doesn't support wildcarding IP addresses.

Disabling Whitelisting

You may find you need to disable the whitelist for testing or other purposes. To disable the whitelist, use as an IP address. This lets any IP address make API calls. Deleting that address later (shown below) will enforce whitelisting again.

Manage IP Whitelist

To view and remove IPs currently whitelisted, click the View White-list IP Address link below the whitelist add field. On the following screen, you'll see all the currently accepted IP addresses and be able to delete them.

Have a Question? Please contact [email protected] for technical support.