Affiliate::signup Method

Sign up for an Affiliate by executing the following steps:
- Validate affiliate account attribute.

- Validate affiliate user account.
- Create affiliate.
- Create a new affiliate user with the id from the newly created
- Save Affiliate meta information.
- Perform fraud validation and calculate fraud score.
- Update affiliate status from active to pending if fraud score
exceeds the fraud threshold.
- Send alert to employee to notify affiliate and affiliate user
have had been created.
Affiliate signup from login page.

NetworkId UrlNetwork ID
NetworkToken StringNetwork token
Target StringThis calls action target
Method StringThis calls action method
account ObjectAffiliate model object dataShow Supported Parameters
userObjectAffiliate user model object dataShow Supported Parameters
metaObjectAffiliate meta model object dataShow Supported Parameters
return_objectBooleanIf true, returns affected object; defaults to true

GET Response Notes

Newly created Affiliate ID or created Affiliate
model object as an array; if return_object is set
to true.

Return response will be in one of the following formats: array, integer.

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