Browser Model

This model is deprecated. Use offer targeting instead.

This represents a Browser used for legacy Browser Targeting. Advanced Targeting should be used instead.

bit_posIntegerA bit used in a bitmask for the Offer.target_browsers field where it identifies the Browsers targeted by the Offer.
classStringIdentifies whether this is a desktop or mobile browserShow Supported Values
groupStringThe group this Browser with like typesShow Supported Values
group_idIntegerGroups similar browsers together. "1" (Desktop), "2" (Fully Web Capable), "3" (Partially Web Capable), "4" (WAP Only).Show Supported Values
idIntegerID of A unique object for this Browser
This parameter is non-writable
nameStringThe display name for this Browser
noteNullable StringDEPRECATED. Disregard this field.
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