AffiliateFraudAlert Model

Affiliate Fraud Alerts are generated when affiliates perform actions that may be fraudulent. These can be generated when either the "affiliate_fraud_activity" or "affiliate_fraud_profile" Preferences is enabled. For more information, see:

affiliate_idIntegerThe ID of the Affiliate for which this Fraud Alert was generated
dataNullable StringDEPRECATED. Ignore the content of this field.
date_updatedDatetimeThe time the Fraud Alert was generated
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for this Affiliate Fraud Alert
This parameter is non-writable
is_activeBooleanWhether or not the fraud alert is recent (within the past month)
is_enabledBooleanWhether or not this fraud alerting type is enabled for this Affiliate
notesNullable StringMore detailed information about how the fraud alert was generated
preference_nameStringThe type of fraudulent activity that caused the alert to be generated. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_po_box" indicates a PO Box address. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_no_address_number" indicates no number found in the account address. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_address_length" indicates and account address less than 6 characters long. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_region_zip_match" indicates (for U.S. accounts only) that an invalid zip code was provided for the specified state. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_email_domain" indicates that the provided domain name for the email address does not have an MX record. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_free_email" indicates that the email address is a known free email provider. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_phone_country_match" indicates that the provided phone number does not match the country. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_phone_800" indicates that a toll free area code was provided. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_ip_country_match" indicates that the IP address used to sign up does not match the country of the account. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_individuals_check" indicates that an individual (checking account) was provided for billing. "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_duplicate_signup" indicates a possible duplicate account (several fields are similar to an existing account). "affiliate_fraud_profile_criteria_account_changes" indicates that account information has changed.Show Supported Values
valueNullable DecimalNew value for specified field
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