Setting Up the Integrator API

The Integrator API is an offering for HasOffers partner businesses (or "integrators") who provide a service within the HasOffers platform ("integration"). Integrations in the HasOffers platform typically require access to the Network API to retrieve or modify information on behalf of HasOffers network accounts who use that service.

The Integrator API uses existing HasOffers Network API endpoints wrapped in an OAuth2-powered authentication and authorization layer. This layer limits access by network ID and by API endpoint (controller and method). This layer also tracks API rate limits for the integrator's account. Using the Integrator API avoids consuming network account API rate limits and doesn't require full access to network accounts.

Important: Access to the Integrator API is available only to integrators who have worked with an integration manager to determine required scope of API access and rate limits. To contact a HasOffers integration manager, fill out this form.

Scope of API Access

Network API endpoints available via the Integrator API varies by integrator. During your setup meeting, your integration manager will work with you to determine which endpoints you require for your integration.

Working with Networks

Your scope of access to the Integrator API is the same for all network accounts you work with, and must be permissible by contract with those networks.

At this time, network account scope contracts must be shared with your integration manager via email. When contacting your integration manager about these contracts, include your contact at the network account's business, as well as the effective date and term of your agreement.

Changing Scope of Access

To change your scope of access after your integration has launched, all networks you work with must re-authorize your integration. Contact your integration manager to coordinate this process.

Rate Limits

Two types of rate limits apply to each integrator's use of the Integrator API:

  1. Time windowed: Limits the count of calls during a time window
  2. Concurrent: Limits the number of concurrently running requests

During your setup meeting, your HasOffers integration manager will work with you to determine the rate limits you require for your integration.

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