Subscription Model

A Subscription enables the creation of recurring payouts for Affiliates. Applicable only if the "offer_subscriptions" Preference is enabled. For more information, seeĀ

advertiser_infoNullable StringField for storing custom advertiser identifiers or other information. Limited to 255 characters.
affiliate_idIntegerID of the Affiliate
affiliate_info1Nullable StringAffiliate sub 1 passed in by affiliate when session was started
affiliate_info2Nullable StringAffiliate sub 2 passed in by affiliate when session was started
affiliate_info3Nullable StringAffiliate sub 3 passed in by affiliate when session was started
affiliate_info4Nullable StringAffiliate sub 4 passed in by affiliate when session was started
affiliate_info5Nullable StringAffiliate sub 5 passed in by affiliate when session was started
affiliate_manager_idNullable IntegerID of the Employee who is the Account Manager for the Affiliate
createdDatetimeDate the Subscription was created
currencyNullable String3-character Currency code
customer_idIntegerID of the Customer
customer_list_idIntegerID of the Customer List
end_dateNullable DateEnd of date range; use "YYYY-MM-DD" format
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object of the Subscription
This parameter is non-writable
offer_idIntegerID of the Offer
payoutDecimalAmount to be paid to the Affiliate for conversion
payout_typeStringThe Offer's "payout_type"Show Supported Values
pixel_referNullable StringReferral URL for the conversion pixel
provided_idStringID of Reference customer object
referNullable StringReferral URL when session was started
revenueDecimalAmount generated by the Offer owed to the Network by the Advertiser
revenue_typeStringThe Offer's "revenue_type"Show Supported Values
sale_amountNullable DecimalThe sale amount generated for the Advertiser by the Offer
sourceNullable StringAffiliate source passed in by the Affiliate when the session was started
start_dateDateStart of date range; use "YYYY-MM-DD" format
statusStringThe status of the SubscriptionShow Supported Values
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