AdCampaignCreative Model

An Advertising Campaign Creative.

ad_campaign_idIntegerThe ID of the Ad Campaign to which the creative belongs
custom_weightNullable DecimalThe percent (relative to other creatives in the campaign) that this one should be served. Applicable only if the Ad Campaign has "custom_weights" enabled. If the sum total of the custom weights on creatives for an Ad Campaign are over 100%, the creatives without a custom weight will not be displayed. If the sum total is below 100%, the creatives with a custom weight will only display the given percentage; any unallocated percentage will use the given optimization setting for the campaign. If a creative cannot be found for the given optimization, a random creative will be displayed (Geo Targeting applied).
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for the creative
This parameter is non-writable
modifiedDatetimeThe most recent time this creative was modified
offer_file_idNullable IntegerID of Offer File object. Required if the associated Ad Campaign "type" is set to "text" or "banner"; must be NULL otherwise.
offer_idNullable IntegerID of Offer object Required if the associated Ad Campaign "type" is set to "link"; must be NULL otherwise.
offer_url_idIntegerThe ID of the Offer Url. If not provided, defaults to "0" and the default Offer URL will be used.
statusStringThe status of the creativeShow Supported Values
weightNullable IntegerDEPRECATED. Ignore the value in this field.
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