What is the TUNE Network API?

TUNE provides a lot of utility to clients through the admin interface, but there's much more we can provide to you! Enterprise clients have access to a great deal of power through the Network API. If you're new to the concept of APIs, this article introduces that to you.

What's an API?

API stands for "application program interface", which is just a way of describing one piece of software talking—or interfacing—with another. Software developers are quite familiar with this term. In the case of the TUNE Network API, it allows other software to access your network's data.

What Can I Do With the API?

There's a lot you can do with our powerful API! Some common ways to use the API:

  • Pull (or export) reports directly from your network into a customer relationship management, business intelligence, or other analytics solution
  • Push (or import) new offers into your network from a shopping cart, invoicing system, or other partner network
  • Quickly handle large tasks that could save you hours of time, such as automating bulk partner invoicing

That's far from all you can do with the API, though. Check out some other ways clients use our API over at the TUNE blog.

How Do I Use the API?

The answer to this question differs depending on what you want to accomplish, and requires software development experience to implement. Developers can learn more by going to our Setting Up API Authentication and Making API Calls articles.

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