StaticApiKey Model

Static API Keys are used by Affiliate Users to make requests to API V3. These cannot be generated if the "enable_affiliate_api" Preference is not enabled.

api_keyStringThis is the secret string the user presents in order to use the API key
createdDatetimeThe date this key was created
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for the key. This is NOT the secret part of the key that is passed in order to use it.
This parameter is non-writable
statusStringThe status of the key. Only "active" keys can be used. When a key is created initially, its status is set based on the value of the "enable_affiliate_api" Preference. If the value of that preference is "auto" then the status is set to "active" immediately. Otherwise the status is set to "pending" by default.Show Supported Values
updatedDatetimeThe last time the key was updated, i.e. the last time its status was changed.
user_idIntegerID of AffiliateUser object to which the key belongs to
user_typeStringIdentifies the account type of the user whose key this is. Currently only used by Affiliates.Show Supported Values
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