API Error Messages

Error Message Format

If you receive an API error, you will receive a HTTP 200 OK response with JSON content as with a successful call. The contents of the response object will appear similar to:

  "response": {
    "status": -1,
    "httpStatus": 200,
    "data": "",
    "errors": [
        "publicMessage": "NetworkToken 123456ABCDEF is not authenticated"
    "errorMessage": "NetworkToken 123456ABCDEF is not authenticated"

Note: We return a 200 OK to indicate your API call was received, rather than missed due to server error.

Common Error Messages

Rate Limit Error

The error User has exceeded API rate limit means you've made too many API requests recently. All enterprise account have API limits of 50 requests per 10 seconds.

For API requests for a task that you will do once or rarely, insert 1-second pauses between your API calls. For instance, in PHP, use sleep().

If this error is a regular occurrence, you can contact your account manager to discuss increasing your rate limit.

Incorrect API Key/Network Token

This error means your API key/network token doesn't match the expected token string. See the Setting Up API Authentication article.

The error will include the network token, such as NetworkToken 123456ABCDEF is not authenticated.

This sometimes happens if you attempt to run an Network API call with an Affiliate API Key, or vice versa.

User Not Permitted Error

If you are trying to make any call to the API and receive the error "User is not permitted to perform this action", then you don't have permission. See the Setting Up API Authentication article.

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