OfferPixel Model

Offer conversion pixel for tracking conversions in third-party systems. Offer Pixels are disabled if the "auto_approve_pixels" preference is set to "disabled".

affiliate_idIntegerThe ID of the Affiliate to whom this Offer Pixel belongs. If "0" this applies to all Affiliates.
codeStringValid URL if type parameter is set to "url", otherwise HTML code. Some variables can be used, which will be dynamically replaced. For more information, see:
goal_idNullable IntegerThe Goal this Pixel is for. If NULL, the Pixel is for the Offer referenced in the "offer_id" field. This field should only be utilized if the "enable_offer_goals" Preference is enabled.
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for this Offer Pixel
This parameter is non-writable
modifiedDatetimeThe last time this Offer Pixel was modified
offer_idIntegerThe Offer that this Pixel is for. If set to "0" this applies to all Offers and this will be used if Offer ID is not passed in the call.
statusStringThe status of the Offer PixelShow Supported Values
typeStringThe type of Pixel. Some offers only allow a subset of the listed types. Valid types for an Offer can be determined by calling the OfferPixel::getAllowedTypes API function.Show Supported Values
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