CashflowGroup::replaceOfferPayoutGroupsForOffer Method

Sets all the offer payout groups for an offer, purging any previous groups that were set for the offer, updating
any existing ones which are passed with an id, and creating new ones that lack an id.

NetworkId UrlNetwork ID
NetworkToken StringNetwork token
Target StringThis calls action target
Method StringThis calls action method
offer_id IntegerID of Offer object whose payout groups are being set
offer_payout_groups_json StringA JSON-encoded array of offer payout groups

Examples of JSON Values

Adding two CPA payout groups

offer_payout_groups_json: [{"cashflow_group_id":"51","rate":"25.00"},{"cashflow_group_id":"59","rate":"10.00"}]

Adding two CPS payout groups

offer_payout_groups_json: [{"cashflow_group_id":"51","percent":"25.00"},{"cashflow_group_id":"59","percent":"10.00"}]

GET Response Notes

Return response will be in the following format: void.

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