OfferFile::getCreativeCode Method

Get Offer File Creative Code with tracking_url, impression_pixel,
offer_id, affiliate_id, source and aff_sub1-5 by Offer File ID.

NetworkId UrlNetwork ID
NetworkToken String Network token
Target String This calls action target
Method String This calls action method
id IntegerID of OfferFile object
tracking_urlString Offer Tracking URL
impression_pixelString Offer impression pixel
etracking_urlString Offer E-Tracking URL
offer_idIntegerID of Offer object
affiliate_idIntegerID of Affiliate object
sourceString Affiliate source
aff_subString Affiliate sub source 1
aff_sub2String Affiliate sub source 2
aff_sub3String Affiliate sub source 3
aff_sub4String Affiliate sub source 4
aff_sub5String Affiliate sub source 5

GET Response Notes

Offer File model object with Creative Code model object.

Return response will be in the following format: array.

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