AdvertiserUser Model

A user belonging to an Advertiser account.

accessArray An array of permissions that the Advertiser User has. This array contains a value "Advertiser" that grants base Advertiser permissions. Other possible permissions are: "Advertiser.account_management" (Ability to manage account), "Advertiser.offer_management" (Ability to manage offers (limited)), "Advertiser.stats" (Ability to view stats, graphs, and reports), "Advertiser.user_management" (Ability to manage account users).
advertiser_idIntegerThe ID of the Advertiser this User belongs to
cell_phoneNullable String The Advertiser User's cell phone
emailString The Advertiser User's email address
first_nameNullable String The Advertiser User's first name
idIntegerA unique, auto-generated ID for the Advertiser User
This parameter is non-writable
join_dateDatetimeThe date the Advertiser User was created
last_loginNullable DatetimeThe last time the Advertiser User logged into the application
last_nameNullable String The Advertiser User's last name
modifiedDatetimeThe last time the Advertiser User account was updated
passwordString The Advertiser User's password
password_confirmationString Provided on creation and must match the provided "password" field
permissionsIntegerThe Advertiser User's permissions stored as a bitmask. See the "access" field for readable permission names. This should not be set or updated directly; instead, the AdvertiserUser::grantAccess and AdvertiserUser::removeAccess API functions should be used to grant to, and revoke permissions from, Advertiser Users.
phoneNullable String The Advertiser User's phone number
statusString The Advertiser User statusShow Supported Values
titleNullable String The Advertiser User's title
wants_alertsBoolean DEPRECATED. This field should be ignored.
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