Application::generateUnsubLink Method

Generates a Mail Room unsubscribe link for the specified mailing list and user.

When the user clicks on the link it will take them to the application
and cause their preference to be updated.

Affiliates, Advertisers, and Employees can unsubscribe from the three
mail-room related mailing lists:

  disable_company_news_email (deprecated, but still unsubscribable);
  disable_offer_updates_email (deprecated, but still unsubscribable);
  disable_mail_room_email (replaces above two).

Employees can additionally unsubscribe from three additional lists:

  disable_hasoffers_education_email (deprecated, but still unsubscribable);
  disable_hasoffers_updates_email (deprecated, but still unsubscribable);
NetworkId UrlNetwork ID
NetworkToken StringNetwork token
Target StringThis calls action target
Method StringThis calls action method
preference StringThe user_preferences key to use to unsubscribeShow Supported Values
type StringAccount typeShow Supported Values
user_id IntegerThe ID of this user (,,
ttlStringThe TTL in a format that strtotime() can parse

GET Response Notes

An array with two keys (link, hash) if the
unsubscribe link was successfully generated
and false if an error occurred.

Return response will be in one of the following formats: array, boolean.

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