OfferWhitelist Model

A whitelisted source of conversion requests for an offer. Applicable if the "enable_offer_whitelist" preference is enabled. A maximum of 100 whitelist entries can be created per Offer. For more information, seeĀ and

contentStringDepending on the "type", this holds the IP address (e.g., range of IP addresses (e.g., IP subnet (e.g., or domain (e.g. being whitelisted.
content_typeStringThe type of source being whitelisted (IP address, IP address range, IP subnet, or domain). If the "type" is "refer" then the only valid "content_type" is "domain". If the "type" is "postback" then the valid "content_type" options are "ip_address", "ip_range", and "ip_subnet".Show Supported Values
datetimeDatetimeThe date this whitelist entry was created
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for this whitelist entry
This parameter is non-writable
offer_idIntegerThe ID of the Offer this whitelist belongs to. The referenced Offer must have "enable_offer_whitelist" enabled.
typeStringIf this IP whitelist corresponds to a postback or to a referrer. If the Offer "protocol" is "server" or "server_affiliate" then the whitelist "type" must be "postback", else it must be "refer".Show Supported Values
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