SignupAnswer Model

Holds an answer to a signup or approval question, including Affiliate signup, Affiliate offer approval applications, and Advertiser signup.

answerStringThe user-provided text answer to the referenced Signup Question
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for the answer
This parameter is non-writable
modifiedDatetimeThe last time the Signup Answer was updated
question_idIntegerThe ID of the SignupQuestion that prompted the Answer
ref_idIntegerFor answers to offer approval signup questions (SignupQuestion "type" set to "offer"), this will contain the Offer ID
responder_idNullable IntegerThis is the account ID (Advertiser ID or Affiliate ID) that provided the answer
responder_typeStringThe type of user that provided the answerShow Supported Values
responder_user_idIntegerDEPRECATED. This field is unused and should be ignored.
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