AffiliateReferralCommission Model

Describes a custom Affiliate Referral commission setting for an Affiliate. For more information, seeĀ

affiliate_idIntegerThe ID of the Affiliate whose referral commission rate this describes
fieldStringName of field to updateShow Supported Values
rateDecimalThe rate being paid. When "rate_type" is "percentage" this is the percentage as a whole number, e.g. 5.25% would be stored as 5.25. When "rate_type" is flat, this is the amount in currency that is paid per referral, e.g. $3.25 would be stored as 3.25.
rate_typeStringMethod to compute commission using the "field" value. If "flat", then a flat rate is paid for each referred account. If "percentage" then referrals are paid based on the "rate" property, using the metric identified by the "field" property. Example 1 -- ("rate_type" is "flat" and "rate" is 5.00: 10 referral accounts x $5 per referral = $50 commission). Example 2 -- ("rate_type" is "percentage", commission "field" is "payout", "rate" is 5.00: $100 in payout x 5% = $5 commission)Show Supported Values
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