CashflowGroup Model

A Payout and Revenue Group (AKA Cashflow Group) consists of a set of Rules which specify conditions that must pass in order for an event such as a conversion to receive a specific payout or revenue. For instance, a Payout and Revenue Group may have a Rule that requires the conversion to be for specific countries, or from specific browsers. For more information, see In order to use a CashflowGroup with an Offer or Goal, a PayoutGroupGoal, RevenueGroupGoal, PayoutGroupOffer, or RevenueGroupOffer, must be created with a reference to this CashflowGroup.

affiliatesArray A list of affiliates that have been assigned to this Payout and Revenue Group. May not be present in all contexts.
idIntegerID of A unique object for the CashflowGroup
This parameter is non-writable
nameString The unique name of the CashflowGroup
descriptionNullable String A description of the CashflowGroup, typically giving an overview of its Rules
rulesArray An array of CashflowGroup Rules that define conditions that must be met in order to receive a certain payout/revenue. Rules consist of a field (e.g. country or aff_sub1), operator (e.g. STARTS_WITH), value (e.g. "Foo"), and optional negation (true/false). In order for a Rule to be satisfied, the event must match on each field + operator + value combination defined in the rules. For example, a rule with "field" set to "country", operator of "IN", and value of [US, CA], would only be satisfied if the conversion originated from the United States or Canada.
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