EmployeeCommission Model

Defines the method and rate for calculating commissions for an Employee.

employee_idIntegerID of Employee object
fieldStringName of field to updateShow Supported Values
min_commissionDecimalMinimum commission amount that must be met before commission will be paid
rateDecimalRate used to compute commission calculation. This is a percentage, e.g. "10.5" to indicate a 10.5% commission.
rate_typeStringMethod to compute commission from field. Select "flat" if a commission is being made per each addition field. Select "percentage" to compute commission as a percentage of the field. Example 1: "rate_type" is "flat", "field" is "leads", 10 leads x $5 per lead = $50 commission. Example 2: "rate_type" is "percentage", "field" is "payout": $100 in payout x 5% = $5 commission.Show Supported Values
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