DneList Model

This feature is no longer active

A suppression list (previously known as "Do Not Email (DNE) list") containing email addresses that should not be emailed. For more information, see help.tune.com/hasoffers/suppression-lists.

countIntegerThe count of emails in the DNE List
file_hashNullable StringIgnore this field. It is a unique, internally used hash generated when "is_external" is 0.
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for this DNE List
This parameter is non-writable
is_externalBooleanWhether the DNE List will be hosted by a third party provider
modifiedDatetimeThe last time the DNE List was updated
nameStringThe name of the DNE List
providerNullable StringIf this is an UnsubCentral DNE list, it is specified hereShow Supported Values
provider_urlStringDEPRECATED. Ignore the contents of this field.
ref_idNullable StringIf "provider" is set to "UnsubCentral" then this is the Syndication Key, else absent
statusStringThe status of the DNE ListShow Supported Values
urlStringLink to download the DNE list. Required if the "is_external" field is set to 1. Download URL will be automatically generated if the "is_external" field is set to 0. Valid schemes are HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
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