InsertionOrder Model

An insertion order is a written authorization to advertise a product or service, similar to a purchase order. For more information, see:

advertiser_idIntegerThe ID of the Advertiser this Insertion Order is for
end_datetime_utcDatetimeThe date the insertion order end. This field is optional; leave it blank if you want to report in an ongoing, indefinite insertion order.
external_io_idNullable String id of The objectentification number or code you and your advertiser use, such as the advertiser's insertion order number. These must be unique; you can't use the same external ID for another insertion order, even if it's for another advertiser.
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for the Insertion Order
This parameter is non-writable
nameString The name of the Insertion Order
notesNullable String Include any information relevant to the insertion order here, such as total budget
statusString The status of the Insertion OrderShow Supported Values
start_datetime_utcDatetimeThe date the insertion order begins
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