CustomMenuLink Model

A Custom Menu Link is how Networks can add additional links to the default set of navigation in the platform applications.

custom_page_idIntegerThe ID of the CustomPage whose HTML contains the linked content to display when the Custom Menu Link is clicked on. Even CustomMenuLinks whose "location" is "external" must reference a CustomPage in order to function properly; its "title" and "html" fields will simply be ignored.
external_urlStringIf the "location" is set to "external" this contains the destination URL that the link points to. If "location" is "internal" this should be set to an empty string as it will be disregarded.
idIntegerID of unique, auto-generated object for this Custom Menu Link
This parameter is non-writable
interfaceStringWhat type of user the link should be visible toShow Supported Values
locationStringWhether the page is hosted inside the application ("internal") with title and HTML taken from the related CustomPage, or is a link to another website ("external")Show Supported Values
placementStringWhether the link should appear above or below the default links in the navigation header/tab in which it residesShow Supported Values
positionNullable IntegerIf multiple Custom Menu Links exist for the same "interface" and "tab", this will dictate the ordering of those links within the tab relative to each other
tabStringWhich navigation header/tab in the application that the link should appear under. If "interface" is set to "affiliate" the valid tabs are ("account", "ad_manager", "offers", "snapshot", "stats", "support"). If "interface" is set to "advertiser" the valid tabs are ("account", "offers", "snapshot", "stats", "support"). If "interface" is set to "employee" the valid tabs are ("ad_manager", "advertisers", "affiliates", "company", "offers", "reports", "snapshot", "support").Show Supported Values
titleStringThis is the name that will appear for the link
typeStringWhether it should be embedded as a link in an existing navigation tab ("link") or if it should have its own top level menu navigation tab ("tab")Show Supported Values
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