Alert Model

An Alert containing a message from the Network or from HasOffers.

contentNullable String An extended message. For custom alerts ("type_code" of "100"), this may be present and contain extended/detailed information. Not applicable other "type_code" values.
dataNullable String This is required if the "type_code" is anything other than "100". External callers should not generate alerts that require this field. This is a serialized object containing data required for the associated "type_code".
dateDate The date the Alert was created
datetimeDatetimeThe date the Alert was created
descriptionNullable String A brief message/overview. May be supplemented or replaced by additional details in the "content" field.
employee_idNullable IntegerApplies only to Alerts created manually in the application. This is the ID of the Employee that created the Alert.
idIntegerID of A unique object for the Alert
This parameter is non-writable
ref_affiliate_idNullable IntegerFor Alerts related to Affiliate fraud ("type_code" of 401, 402, 501, 502) this is the Affiliate ID referenced by the Alert
ref_idNullable IntegerDEPRECATED. This field should be ignored.
ref_keyNullable String DEPRECATED. These are used internally for certain Affiliate fraud-related Alerts. The "type_code" should be consulted instead to determine the type of Alert.
statusString The status of the AlertShow Supported Values
titleNullable String The title of the Alert. This is required if the "type_code" is "100".
type_codeIntegerA number identifying the type of Alert. Do not create Alerts with "type_code" values other than "100", as those codes are reserved for HasOffers-generated alerts.Show Supported Values
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