UserIp Model

Represents a history of login attempts from an IP address for a User account.

brand_idIntegerThis is a unique identifier for the Network, similar to network_id. It can be ignored.
failed_loginsIntegerThe number of failed login attempts by this IP address for this User
first_loginDatetimeThe first time a login was attempted (regardless of success or failure)
idIntegerA unique, auto-generated ID to track logins by this IP Address for this User
This parameter is non-writable
ip_addressStringThe IP address that attempted the login
last_loginDatetimeThe last time a login was attempted (regardless of success or failure)
login_typeStringWhether the login was via legacy API key ("api") or a normal browser login via the application ("browser")Show Supported Values
user_typeStringThe type of userShow Supported Values
user_type_idIntegerThe ID of the user
valid_loginsIntegerThe number of valid logins this IP Address has performed for the user account
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