Alert Model

An Alert containing a message from the Network or from HasOffers.

contentNullable StringAn extended message. For custom alerts ("type_code" of "100"), this may be present and contain extended/detailed information. Not applicable other "type_code" values.
dataNullable StringThis is required if the "type_code" is anything other than "100". External callers should not generate alerts that require this field. This is a serialized object containing data required for the associated "type_code".
dateDateThe date the Alert was created
datetimeDatetimeThe date the Alert was created
descriptionNullable StringA brief message/overview. May be supplemented or replaced by additional details in the "content" field.
employee_idNullable IntegerApplies only to Alerts created manually in the application. This is the ID of the Employee that created the Alert.
idIntegerID of A unique object for the Alert
This parameter is non-writable
ref_affiliate_idNullable IntegerFor Alerts related to Affiliate fraud ("type_code" of 401, 402, 501, 502) this is the Affiliate ID referenced by the Alert
ref_idNullable IntegerDEPRECATED. This field should be ignored.
ref_keyNullable StringDEPRECATED. These are used internally for certain Affiliate fraud-related Alerts. The "type_code" should be consulted instead to determine the type of Alert.
statusStringThe status of the AlertShow Supported Values
titleNullable StringThe title of the Alert. This is required if the "type_code" is "100".
type_codeIntegerA number identifying the type of Alert. Do not create Alerts with "type_code" values other than "100", as those codes are reserved for HasOffers-generated alerts.Show Supported Values
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