TargetRuleOffer Model

This describes an association between an Advanced Targeting Rule and an Offer. It causes traffic to the referenced Offer to be restricted to requests which satisfy the Rule requirements. Rules apply to Offers that have Advanced Targeting enabled (their "use_target_rules" field is true). In order for a request to satisfy a Rule it must match the defined regular expression (when "action" is set to "allow") or not match the regular expression (when "action" is set to "deny"). For for information on Advanced Targeting, see:

actionStringWhether this rule is being enforced by requiring the request satisfy the condition ("allow") or by rejecting requests that satisfy the rule condition ("deny")Show Supported Values
idIntegerID of unique object identifying this association between Rule and Offer
This parameter is non-writable
offer_idIntegerThe ID of the Offer to which the Targeting Rule is being applied
ruleObjectThe Advanced Targeting Rule model being associated with this Offer
rule_idIntegerThe ID of the Advanced Targeting Rule being associated with this Offer
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