AffiliateOffer Model

Represents the current relationship between an Affiliate and an Offer. For Offers that require terms and conditions acceptance (Offer field "require_terms_and_conditions" field set to "enabled"), the "agreed_terms_and_conditions" field will record the date the Affiliate accepted the terms and conditions. For Offers that require approval (Offer field "require_approval" is set to true), the "approval_status" field will contain the status of the application.

affiliate_idIntegerID of Affiliate object whose Offer relationship is described
agreed_terms_and_conditionsNullable DateThe date on which the Affiliate agreed to the terms and conditions. NULL if the Affiliate has not agreed to the terms and conditions or the Offer does not require acceptance of terms and conditions.
approval_statusStringFor offers that require approval, this holds the status of the Affiliate's application to run the OfferShow Supported Values
idIntegerA unique, auto-generated ID for this AffiliateOffer
This parameter is non-writable
offer_idIntegerID of Offer object to which this Affiliate relationship refers
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