AffiliateInvoiceItem Model

A single line item from an Affiliate Invoice.

actionsIntegerThe contents of this field are applicable only if "type" is "stats". Count of the number of clicks, conversions, or impressions, for the date covered by the Invoice start and end dates. The type of event contained in this column depends on the "payout_type". For "cpc" payout type this is number of clicks. For "cpm" this is number of impressions. For other payout types this is number of conversions.
amountDecimalAmount owed for the offer based on invoice start and end dates
conversionsIntegerDEPRECATED. The "actions" field should be consulted instead, to determine the number of clicks/conversions/impressions (if "type" is "stats").
datetimeDatetimeDate that the invoice item was created
goal_idNullable IntegerThis field is present only if the network has Offer Goals enabled. It specifies the Goal this invoice item is attributed, or NULL if the item is not attributed to a Goal.
idIntegerID of unique object for this Item
This parameter is non-writable
invoice_idIntegerThe ID of the Invoice to which this item belongs
memoStringMemo added to the item by the Network
offer_idNullable IntegerThe ID of the Offer to which this item is attributed. Present when the "type" is "stats".
offer_nameNullable StringThe name of the Offer this item relates to (see: "offer_id")
offer_is_visibleBooleanWhether or not the Affiliate currently has access to view the referenced Offer. This may not be true if the Offer has since expired or been deleted.
payout_typeStringThe payout type of the Offer (or the Goal if present) if the "type" is "stats", or the adjustment type if the "type" is "adjustment". For types other than "stats" set to "amount".Show Supported Values
typeStringType of invoice item. "stats" indicates this is for clicks/conversions/impressions (depending on "payout_type"). "adjustment" is for an adjustment, "referrals" are for referrals, and "vat" is for VAT/tax items.Show Supported Values
vat_codeNullable Stringid of VAT code objectentified by the Network. Only applicable if "type" is "vat".
vat_idNullable IntegerAn arbitrary, unique ID generated to identify this VAT rate in the Network. Only applicable if "type" is "vat".
vat_nameNullable StringA Network-defined name for this VAT rate. Only applicable if "type" is "vat".
vat_rateNullable DecimalThe Network-specified VAT rate being used to calculate tax, as a percentage (e.g. 15.00). Only applicable if "type" is "vat".
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