Networks Managing Affiliate API Access

The Affiliate API allows your affiliates to gather reports on their stats, allowing them to retrieve their click and conversion data for use with external business intelligence tools or other software solutions. The option for them to use the Affiliate API is in the network's hands.

See our Getting Started with the Affiliate API article for more on this topic, from the affiliate's perspective.

Affiliate API Access Option

By default, networks automatically allow affiliates access to the Affiliate API. To review or change this setting, go to the Customize Application option in the Company menu, then click on the Affiliate link in the Settings box.

Scroll down until you find the Stats API option.

Auto Approve means an affiliate requesting an API key is instantly granted one, with no intervention needed on your part.

Require Approval means when an affiliate requests an API key, you have a notification telling you to review the request. See "Approving & Denying Affiliate Requests" below for handling API key approvals.

Disabled means you don't want to give your affiliates access to the API.

Don't forget to click on the Save button at the bottom of the page if you change this option.

Viewing & Managing Affiliate Access

To review which affiliates have requested or have API keys, go to your API page by clicking on the API option in the Support menu. At the bottom of the following page is the section for the affiliate API. Click the "Affiliate API V3 Keys" link. The next page shows you affiliates who have open requests or keys.

Company and User refers to the affiliate account requesting API access. API Key is their individual key that works similarly to your network API keyStatus indicates if the affiliate user's key is active or is waiting on your approval.

For active keys, you can click on the Deny button to disable their API access. For pending keys, click Approve to allow access or Deny to disallow.

Approving & Denying Affiliate Request Notifications

If you have the Stats API option above set to "Require Approval", you receive notices in the Notifications section of your Snapshot page.

If you see a request, follow the steps above to access the list of affiliates pending API access approval, and approve or deny as desired.

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