SignupQuestion Model

A question that an Affiliate must answer on signup to the Network, or when applying for access to an Offer that requires approval, depending on its "type".

classStringIndicates the type of input expected in response to this question. If "bool" then the question expects an affirmative/negative response. If "select" then the value should be selected from a list (specified in the "class_data" field). If "textarea" then a free-form text answer is required.Show Supported Values
class_dataNullable StringOnly applicable/present when the "class" property is set to "select". Contains a list of allowed answers to this question, separated by line breaks.
idIntegerA unique, auto-generated ID for the question
This parameter is non-writable
questionIntegerThe text of the question being asked
requiredBooleanWhether or not an answer must be provided to this question
statusStringIndicates whether or not this question is currently being asked. Only active questions are visible to Affiliates.Show Supported Values
typeStringIndicates what type of question this is. If the value is "affiliate" then this is a question asked to Affiliates on signup. If the value is "offer" then it is a question asked when an Affiliate applies for access to an Offer.Show Supported Values
type_idNullable IntegerOnly present when the "type" of the question is "offer" if it is a question specific to a single Offer. If "type" is "offer" but this field is NULL then it indicates that this is a global question asked for all Offers that require approval.
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