AffiliateUser Model

A user account belonging to an Affiliate. Affiliate users can update their own details (except permissions). Other users in the Affiliate with the "Affiliate.user_management" can update user accounts.

accessArrayAn array of permissions for the Affiliate. This array contains a value "Affiliate" that grants base Affiliate permissions. Other possible permissions are: "Affiliate.stats" (Ability to view stats, graphs and reports), "Affiliate.offer_management" (Ability to manage offers), "Affiliate.user_management" (Ability to manage account users), "Affiliate.account_management" (Ability to manage the Affiliate account details), and "Affiliate.API" (Ability to request and use an Affiliate API V3 key).
affiliate_idIntegerThe ID of the Affiliate in which this user account exists
cell_phoneNullable StringThe user's cell phone number
emailStringThe user's email address. Used as login.
first_nameNullable StringThe user's first name
idStringID of unique, auto-generated object for this user
This parameter is non-writable
join_dateDatetimeThe date this user signed up
last_loginNullable DatetimeThe last time this user logged in (NULL if the user never logged in)
last_nameNullable StringThe user's last name
modifiedNullable DatetimeThe last time this user was modified. Note that in addition to updates to the user account, this is changed each time the user logs in.
passwordStringThe user's password (provided on create)
password_confirmationStringProvided on creation and must match the provided "password" field
permissionsNullable IntegerDEPRECATED. This is an alternative (machine-friendly) form for displaying user permissions. The "access" field should be consulted instead.
phoneNullable StringThe user's phone number
statusStringThe status of the user accountShow Supported Values
titleNullable StringThe user's title
wants_alertsBooleanDEPRECATED. This field should be ignored.
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