DeliveryMetrics Model

Metrics detailing the delivery of a Notification to an Endpoint. One delivery may be composed of multiple delivery attempts.

idIntegerID of Unique primary object of this metric record
This parameter is non-writable
target_classStringThe type of thing this Event happened toShow Supported Values
event_classStringThe kind of thing that happenedShow Supported Values
endpoint_classStringType of Endpoint entityShow Supported Values
webhook_endpoint_idNullable IntegerID of a Webhook Endpoint. Only set if endpoint_class is webhook.
delivery_statusStringStatus of this Notification. New records will start in the in_flight state; all other values are terminal states indicating either success or how the delivery failed.Show Supported Values
details_idNullable IntegerID of a DeliveryMetricsDetails object. Only set if details were recorded for this delivery.
num_attemptsIntegerTotal attempts made to deliver this Notification
total_time_msNullable IntegerTotal time (in milliseconds) it took to complete all delivery attempts
created_utcDatetimeUTC datetime when is object was created
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