ScheduledOfferChange Model

Describes changes scheduled to take effect for an Offer at some point in the future, affecting some aspect of the Offer, Goal, or associated payout.

created_utcDatetimeThe date this scheduled change was created (UTC)
goal_idNullable IntegerThis field will only be present if the Network has the "enable_offer_goals" Preference enabled. If set it indicates the change is being applied to the Goal or one of its payouts. If absent or NULL, it indicates that the change is being made to the Offer or one of its payouts instead.
modified_utcDatetimeIf modifications are made to this schedule, this will be the date the schedule was altered (UTC). A date of "0000-00-00 00:00:00" will be found if no alterations to the original schedule have been made.
offer_idIntegerThe ID of the affected Offer
statusStringThe status of this change. Only active/future changes that have not been applied yet are visible to Affiliates.Show Supported Values
typeStringThe type of change. If "payout", indicates a change to the payout for this Offer or Goal will be made. If "status", indicates a change to the status of this Offer or Goal will be made.Show Supported Values
update_fieldStringThe field being modified by this change. If "type" is status, this should be "status" as well and indicates that the specified Offer or Goal status will be modified. If "type" is "payout" then this will be one of the following: ("default_payout", "percent_payout", "rate", "percent"). If the value is "default_payout" or "rate" it indicates a change to the flat dollar amount payout. If the value is "percent_payout" or "percent" it indicates a change to the percentage-based payout.Show Supported Values
update_time_utcDatetimeThis is the date at which this scheduled change will take effect (UTC)
update_valueStringThis is the new value that will be applied to the Offer, Goal, or payout field identified by the "update_field" property
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