Alert Model

An Alert containing a message from the Network for an Affiliate User.

contentNullable StringAn extended message. For custom alerts ("type_code" of "100"), this may be present and contain extended/detailed information. Not applicable for the "type_code" "601" or "602".
dataNullable StringDEPRECATED. This field contains serialized data that is used to populate the "description", such as the ID of the Offer the alert relates to. It can be ignored.
dateDateThe date the Alert was created
datetimeDatetimeThe date the Alert was created
descriptionNullable StringA brief message/overview. May be supplemented or replaced by additional details in the "content" field.
idIntegerID of A unique object for the Alert
This parameter is non-writable
statusStringThe status of the Alert. Affiliates can only view active Alerts.Show Supported Values
titleStringThe title of the Alert
type_codeIntegerid of A number objectentifying the type of Alert. "100" is a custom Alert that could contain any message. "601" is an Alert notifying that an Offer Application has been approved. "602" is an Alert notifying that an Offer Application has been denied.Show Supported Values
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