Registering & Retrieving Power Hooks

Power Hooks in In-App Marketing are key-value pairs or code blocks with key-value arguments that are passed into your application code by TUNE when your app starts. Power Hooks allow you to modify settings, text, and logic on-the-fly for all user devices without having to re-version, update, or re-submit your application to the store.

All hooks created using the TUNE SDK are automatically registered with the In-App Marketing platform when you connect your device for the first time. The registration process detects all registered hook keys and displays all of the hook variables (and deep actions) for this app in In-App Marketing, where they can be edited. Values set on hooks on the web are automatically be downloaded by all devices upon app startup, allowing for their usage throughout your system code.

Registering a Power Hook

Register Power Hook
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Retrieving a Power Hook


Retrieve Power Hook
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