Power Hooks

Control business logic, unlock functionality, modify parameters and otherwise change the behavior of your app.

Developer Topics

Getting Started with Power Hooks

Learn the basics and common use cases for Power Hooks.

Power Hooks Use Case Example

View an example of Power Hooks in our application so that we can A/B test the effectiveness of screen design with a goal of deriving more click-throughs

Registering Callbacks

Fetch the latest changes to your Power Hooks to ensure the most up-to-date user interaction.

Registering Power Hooks

Key-value pairs or code blocks with key-value arguments passed into your application code by TUNE when your app starts.

Retrieving a Power Hook Value

Returns the value specified in the In-App Marketing platform, or the default value if none has been specified.

Using Preview Mode

When making changes to Power Hook values, preview the look and behavior of your application with the new values.

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