Personalized Push

In-App Marketing will be shutting down November 1st, 2018. API calls will be removed in Tune Android & iOS SDKs v6.0.0. Customers are required to remove all code references to prevent service disruption. Please contact your Customer Success Manager with additional questions.


TUNE's In-App Marketing's Personalized Push feature gives you the ability to add a personal touch to your push notification messages!

Leverage your In-App Marketing User Profiles to deliver highly personalized and contextually relevant messaging to your users. Insert variables or use conditional logic to construct that perfect message with Jinja templating code.

Personalized Push allows you to:

  • Send messages in an individual's preferred language.
  • Insert user name or link to a recent product that person was interested in.
  • Personalize both the push message and the push payload/actions.
  • Include customer details such as name within the body of a message.
  • Execute deep linking to a personalized location in the app.
  • Select the type of message you would like to send.
  • Create rich text messages with media such as images, gifs and video.
  • And more!



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