Measuring Deep Links for Facebook

The following process is only required if you rely on the Facebook SDK to handle deferred deep linking for your Facebook Ads Install campaigns.

If you’re running marketing campaigns with Facebook Ads, you can use the TUNE SDK for attribution and campaign optimization.

Note: While TUNE is not an official Facebook Measurement Partner, TUNE can measure campaign performance for any advertising partner who supports deep linking technology (including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Google), regardless of whether the ad partner is integrated with TUNE or not.

This page provides instructions for configuring deep link measurement through a third-party platform (such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Apple iAd, and Google AdWords) to support user acquisition campaigns or re-engagement campaigns. You’ll need to integrate both the third-party SDK along with the TUNE SDK in order for deep link measurement to work properly.

For more information about deep linking and how it generally improves user experience and increases conversion rates, please visit How to Deep Link to Your Mobile App.

For information about testing and troubleshooting your Facebook Deep Link Measurement setup, please visit Testing & Troubleshooting Facebook Deep Link Measurement.

How It Works

The following process summarizes how TUNE performs attribution for third party deep links (such as those served by Facebook Ads):

  1. When users launch your mobile app by clicking the deep link URL (which includes parameters such as "publisher_id" and any campaign or partner-specific optimization parameters), your app code calls Tune's applicationDidOpenUrl:sourceApplication: (iOS). In Android SDK 4.8.0 and above referral sources are automatically collected.
  2. This method passes the originating deep link URL to the TUNE SDK.
  3. The TUNE SDK passes the deep link URL to the TUNE Measurement Engine as the “referral_url”.
  4. The TUNE Measurement Engine parses the referral URL and captures the relevant conversion event data (such as “publisher_id” and any campaign or partner-specific optimization parameters).
  5. The TUNE Measurement Engine creates a log of the new install or re-engagement event, and attributes the partner indicated by the “publisher_id” parameter.
  6. TUNE calculates your time-aggregated and cohorted reports using this install/re-engagement log, enabling you to analyze the performance of your third-party campaigns (running with non-TUNE integrated advertising partners such as Facebook Ads).

In Your App Code

  1. Add a custom URL scheme (so deep links will connect to a specific page/screen in app).
  2. Integrate the TUNE SDK (so installs and events can be attributed). Minimum versions required to support deep link attribution are:
  3. Integrate the Facebook SDK
  4. Code your app to retrieve deep links from the Facebook SDK
  5. Code your app to pass the deep link to the TUNE SDK as “referral_url” from the Facebook callback.

Sample code snippet when using the Facebook SDK:

Select a preferred platform.
Select a preferred platform.


NOTE: If you’re handling deep link redirection on your own it’s important to manually set the TUNE referral_url method. You can do this by calling the TUNE deep link setter directly inside the Facebook deferred app link callback instead of relying on when the deep link is opened.

For more information about measuring deep links served by third-party ad partners, please visit Measuring Facebook App Install and Engagement Campaigns.

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