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In-App Marketing will be shutting down November 1st, 2018. API calls will be removed in Tune Android & iOS SDKs v6.0.0. Customers are required to remove all code references to prevent service disruption. Please contact your Customer Success Manager with additional questions.

TUNE allows you to create deeper and more engage relationships with your app users through in-app marketing.  A list of supported capabilities is at the bottom of this page.

Important Note: In-App Marketing capabilities are disabled by default and must first be enabled on your account. Please contact your Account Manager or request a demo if you have not already done so.

Once In-App Marketing has been enabled and you have completed the SDK installation, follow these instructions to enable In-App Marketing. Otherwise follow the instructions and guidelines to install the TUNE Mobile SDK.

To jump right in and get started with In-App Marketing, use our Quick Guide To Setting Up In-App Marketing!

For more information about the In-App Marketing solution, please visit the TUNE Support Documentation.

Developer Topics

Quick Guide To Setting Up In-App Marketing

This quick start guide has been put together by our team to ensure you have both a smooth and enjoyable on-boarding experience.

In-App Marketing Setup

Enable In-App Marketing in your TUNE SDK and verify all the required functionality is setup.

Power Hooks

Modify settings, text, and logic on-the-fly for all user devices without having to re-version, update, or re-submit your application to the store.

Advanced Configuration

Tailor your installation to do just about anything.

User Profiles

Collect user profile data for advanced segmentation, targeting, and personalization capabilities.

Event Measurement

Collect analytics events for every user, session, and screen view....or measure your own custom events.


Access details about currently running Experiments including information on the experiment name and ID, variation name and ID, and the start date and end date of the experiment.

Push API

Deliver push and transactional notifications using a secure and reliable API.

Push Notifications

Configure Campaigns to send out targeted push messages to your app users and automatically gather analytics about message open rates, and in-app behavior before and after the message.

Using Deep Actions

Reference code that can be executed conditionally (for example, displaying a modal popup message to remind the user to perform certain actions in the app, managing the logic for applying a discount code, or displaying a survey to a segment of users).


Check whether a user is in a given segment, which you can use for executing custom segment logic in your app and user profiling.

Personalized Push

Add a personal touch to your push notification messages and the parameters that are used in their deep actions and deeplinks.

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