Handling Existing non-TUNE SDK Implementations

If you’re ready to implement the software development kit (SDK) for TUNE but have existing implementations (other publisher SDKs) configured for conversion measurement, then implement the MAT SDK first before you remove the other publisher SDKs. While you can implement the TUNE SDK alongside other SDKs without conflict, after you begin using TUNE measurement URLs in your campaigns with other publishers, TUNE attributes those installs and logs them accordingly so you no longer need to manage the other publisher SDKs.

To implement the TUNE SDK in parallel with your other publisher SDKs:

  1. Implement the SDK for MAT AND also keep your existing publisher SDKs implemented.
  2. Release your mobile app using the TUNE SDK while preserving your existing publisher SDK implementations.
  3. Start working with your new publishing partners.

As you get comfortable using TUNE, feel free to remove unnecessary publisher SDKs for which you’ve created server postbacks for conversion measurement.

To remove other publisher SDKs but keep the TUNE SDK:

  1. Update your campaigns to use the publisher-specific measurement URLs generated in your TMC account.
  2. Setup server postback to notify publishers of installs and other events.
  3. Confirm that the TUNE SDK is configured and functioning appropriately: the measurement URLs generate the proper events and your own internal system receives the server postback notifications successfully.
  4. Remove the appropriate publisher SDK from your mobile app.
  5. Release your mobile app with the TUNE SDK only (after you confirm that you no longer need the other publisher SDKs).

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