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In-App Marketing will be shutting down November 1st, 2018. API calls will be removed in Tune Android & iOS SDKs v6.0.0. Customers are required to remove all code references to prevent service disruption. Please contact your Customer Success Manager with additional questions.

Event Tags Method

Best Practices/Scenarios

You can leverage Event Tags (addTag) capability to pass any (and any number of) custom attributes. Event Tags are user-friendly and versatile method. You can filter events by a user-friendly attribute name in the TUNE dashboard. The following are possible scenarios and recommendations for best practices. If you are:

  • Only Using AA - Must use attribute {1-5} or the data does not appear in the dashboard. Also use Event Items if desired.
  • Only Using IAM - Use Event Tag capability and do not use the attribute1-5 or Event Items.
  • Using both AA and IAM - Use Event Tag capabilities in addition to attribute1-5 (and Event Items if desired).
  • Event properties like revenue, quantity, itemPrice, etc do get passed to both IAM and AA and have a nice name in IAM (like "revenue") so you don't have to duplicate those AA event properties with Event Tags for IAM's sake.

The Event Tags can be attached to any existing event.


The type of tag selected (i.e. withTagAsString vs withTagAsNumber) dictates which segmentation operators are available within the platform. For example, the “greater than” operator would not be available to attributes passed as strings.

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