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In-App Marketing will be shutting down November 1st, 2018. API calls will be removed in Tune Android & iOS SDKs v6.0.0. Customers are required to remove all code references to prevent service disruption. Please contact your Customer Success Manager with additional questions.


In the TUNE SDK, the In-App Marketing (IAM)  feature automatically collects analytics in-app events for every user, session, and screen view. There’s nothing you need to add to your app to capture these events. But there are times when you want to capture an event that does not correspond directly with a tap or navigation; or maybe you want to capture more information with a particular tap or event. If you are using Attribution Analytics (AA) and then enable In-App Marketing (IAM), all events tracked for AA are available in both platforms.

  • For the In-App Marketing solution only, there are no limits to the number of events that can be tracked.
  • Capturing the Install Event from Attribution Analytics is still relevant.
  • IAM automatically captures events for the following:
    • App Opened (“Starts App”)
    • App Closed (“Closes App”)
    • Push Sent
    • Push Opened
    • In-App Message Viewed
    • In-App Message CTA Clicked
    • In-App Message Close Clicked
    • Push enabled
    • Push disabled

Events are transmitted to In-App Marketing servers when the app is opened, closed and in the background every 60 seconds while the app is opened. To confirm whether or not In-App Marketing is receiving events, verify this in the Events report. By default “today” is not selected. You need to specify a “Custom Date Range” with the two most recent dates selected.  

You can use debugMode and echoAnalytics for further troubleshooting. This allows you to view in your console what events are being transmitted to TUNE.   

Event Tags

Best Practices/Scenarios

The following are possible scenarios and recommendations for best practices. If you are:

  • Only Using AA - Must use attribute{1-5} or the data does not appear in the dashboard.
  • Only Using IAM - Use Event Tag capability and not use the attribute{1-5}.
  • Using both AA and IAM - Use Event Tag capabilities in addition to attribute{1-5}. This allows you to filter events by a user-friendly attribute name in the TUNE dashboard

For more information and examples using Event Tags, see the Event Tags page.

Capturing Custom Events

To measure custom events, please leverage Event Builder to define your custom events.

Note: By default, each name/value pair attached to an In-App Marketing analytics event is limited to 10,000 possible values. For parameters requiring a greater number of values, please contact our Support Team.

Capturing the Install Event from Attribution Analytics

If you want to segment your users by "time since install"; e.g. "5 days since install" you must capture the install event by firing a custom "IAM Install" event.

To capture the install event by firing a custom "IAM Install" event, implement the following code:

IAM Install
Select a preferred platform.


If your application needs to filter PII (personally identifiable information) at the app level to prevent transmission of sensitive information to TUNE, then you can set a list of regular expressions for data that needs to be redacted in your advanced configuration. See Advanced Configuration for more information about PII filtering.

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