Custom User Profile Variables

In the TUNE SDK, you can use the In-App Marketing feature to collect custom user profile data. These custom variables will be included in the user’s personalization profile, which you can use for segmentation, targeting, and reporting purposes. Convenience methods exist for registering numbers, strings, dates, and locations. You can optionally set the value during the registration of the User Profile Variable.

Note:  There are four types of Custom Profile Variables that can be registered with the PhoneGap plugin:

  • Strings – in: String, out: String
  • Dates – in: Number milleseconds since the Epoch, out: String milliseconds since the Epoch as a String. This value should be converted to a Long.
  • Numbers – in: Number, out: String.  This is the String representation of whatever was passed in. This can be any valid Number format.
  • Geolocation – in: (Latitude: Number, Longitude: Number), out: JSON representation of the geolocation.

Registering Custom Profile Variables

This custom variable will be included in this user’s personalization profile.

Custom Profile Variables
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Registering Custom Profile Variables with Default Value

This custom variable will be included in this user’s personalization profile.

Custom with Default Value
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Setting and Updating Custom Profile Variable Values

This value is used as part of this user’s personalization profile, and is used for segmentation, targeting, and reporting purposes.

Setting and Updating
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Clearing Custom Profile Variables

This value is cleared from this user’s personalization profile. The variable will still be registered, so you can set updated values for them later. Alternatively, you can use clearAllCustomProfileVariables to remove all custom profile variables from this user’s personalization profile.

Clearing Custom
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Retrieving the TUNE/MAT ID and Push Token

Use the following methods to retrieve the TUNE ID and Push Token.

Retrieve TUNE/MAT ID/Push Token
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For information about the user profile data that In-App Marketing automatically collects, please visit User Profile Variables.


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  • Sreejith  •  January 17, 2018

    1) Once after setting customProfileString to YES , cant we change it to NO from same device ?
    I have created an experiment which keeps returning YES for the device if I have set once. Not able to reset it.

    • Jonathan Lee  •  January 18, 2018

      Hi Sreejith,
      To address your case specifically, I recommend describing your situation to your customer success manager or our customer support team. They'll work with you to figure things out!